We specialize in one area: providing services to those in the cattle business.

You can now watch our sale, online every Wednesday at lmaauctions.com.

Southern Oklahoma Livestock Auction has on call load and unload staff.

Our market report is updated and maintained by the USDA-OK Dept of Ag Market News.

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Livestock Marketing Association

 We are committed to the support and protection of the local livestock auction markets. Auctions are a vital part of the livestock industry, serving producers and assuring a fair, competitive price through the auction method of selling.

Beef Checkoff

When Oklahoma became a state, it was already beef country.  It first began with cattle drives crossing the territory and continues today on more that 55,000 beef farms and ranches across this great state.  Woven into the fabric of Oklahoma is a proud history of the state's largest agriculture segment, the beef industry.